What's New in Version 3.1

Version 3.1 of Beyond FTP includes the following new capabilities:

General Program Enhancements

      The Beyond FTP Program no longer includes any script edit or status functions.  It is basically used to manage the address book and its associated configuration, and to perform ad hoc transfers and actions.

      The Beyond FTP Script Editor now provides buttons for indenting and/or commenting multiple lines at once. 

      The Beyond FTP Script Editor now implements a number of keyboard shortcuts for marking and inserting text.. 

      The Standard FTP Server now supports encrypted connections using SSL/TLS.  This is automatically available when the FTP server is enabled.  Both implicit and explicit connections are supported.

      The Beyond FTP Console program now includes several debugging and trace options that are useful to the APT support staff in understanding and resolving problems.

      The Beyond FTP system tray now informs you of hot fixes, service packs, and new releases.

Script Status

The status of running and completed scripts is now managed and displayed in the Script Status Program.  All script status functions have been removed from the Beyond FTP program.  Results for each script are displayed in separate windows.  The source lines of the script are color-coded and associated with their actions.  

      The Script Status program is a separate program that supports the management of scheduled, running and completed scripts.  It may be run from the Start menu or from Beyond FTP. 

      Script results are now automatically refreshed in the background.  The current status is always available.  There is no longer the need to engage auto-refresh for local scripts.

      The actions and events associated with the script are displayed with the script source code.  This makes the results far more understandable.

      A separate script workspace lists all scripts on the local machine.  Various tabs divide this list into scripts that are active, scheduled, and completed with an error.  

      Scripts can be run or scheduled from the toolbar or several context sensitive menus.

      Script results can be managed at remote servers.  Separate remote updating selections provide control over the manner and frequency of remote refreshes. 

      Script status can automatically open and close active scripts and cycle through the results of currently running scripts.  Control of these functions is found on the main button bar.

Script Language Enhancements

      The Write command provides the ability to append strings to a file, and to add/modify entries in the wildcard file.

      The Recompile command forces automatic recompilation of a script before each run.  This is especially useful when combined with the Server_List command.

      The Server_List command now provides for the loading of server lists directly from the address book.  This allows fully dynamic server lists based directly on the contents of the address book.

      The Wait_For_Completion command now implements a delay option that stops the script for the number of specified seconds.

      The Next command forces a while loop to process the next iteration. 

      Two predefined variables have been added to give you control over the error value that is returned on script completion, and access to the name of the script that is running.

      Four file name parsing operations are available in the Assign command.