Address Book

Reference:        File Viewer Window

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The Address Book is displayed in the left pane of the File Viewer Window.  It stores the names and addresses of your Beyond FTP and standard FTP servers, and is navigated like any Windows tree structure.

Beyond FTP can access files only at servers that are included in the Address Book.  The name of a Beyond FTP server in the Address Book must match the name used to install the server on the remote machine (see Get Server Name ).  The name of an FTP server may be anything you find meaningful.  Only the server address is important in this case.

Address Book entries can be arranged in folders and can be organized using the drag-and-drop interface of the File Viewer window.  Double clicking a Server Name in the Address Book initiates a connection attempt to that server using the Server Address.  Double clicking the connected name displays any accessible drives.  Double clicking a drive displays any accessible directories, and so on.  Accessible files in a selected directory are displayed in the right, or File Viewer File List pane.

Right clicking a folder name, server name, drive, or directory displays the context menu.  The selections are context sensitive, but are shown enabled for clarity.  Many of the selections are also available on the various toolbars and menus.