Script Editor Program

Reference:        Beyond FTP Toolbar and Tools Menu    
                        Script Status Toolbar

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The Script Editor allows you to create, manage, and run your scripts.  The context menu is displayed when you click the right mouse button in the main editing window. These functions are also available on the editorís toolbar and menu.  There are three additional toolbars that can be pinned into place or summoned by selecting the appropriate tab:  This are shown hidden in the graphic above, and appear as tabs at the left, right, and bottom of the image.  The Workspace toolbar presents the available scripts and templates;  The Results toolbar displays the results of a compile or file find operation;  and The Tool Box toolbar provides access to the List Command dialogs and the various wildcard operators. 

Note:  You must position the editing cursor correctly before inserting commands from either the context menu or the Tool Box.

See also Programming a Script, Alphabetical Command List, and Topical Command List for  more information about scripts and the language.