Overview of Beyond FTP

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                        Beyond FTP Home Display

                        Certificates and Beyond FTP

                        Command Line Options

                        Encryption Services
                        Firewall Support

                        Help System Organization

                        Master Log File
                        Navigating Beyond FTP

                        Product Organization

                        Remote Administration

                        Remote Script Execution

                        Scripts and the Scripting Language

                        Script Processing Service
                        Using Windows NT Security in Beyond FTP

                        What's New

Beyond FTP is a general purpose file transfer utility that allows complicated transfer scenarios to be scripted and scheduled, providing automated operation of routine, repetitive tasks.  The script language is simple, yet powerful.  The application support for this language also includes an Explorer like interface that allows you to perform a number of ad hoc functions in addition to the creation and control of scripts.

Beyond FTP operates in both a peer-to-peer fashion, where there are Beyond FTP servers at both ends of the transfer, and a client-server fashion, where one end of the transfer is an FTP server.  Peer-to-peer operation includes a number of advantages:

      Recovery - failed transfers restart at the point of failure, not the beginning

      Security - all traffic is encrypted

      Remote Execution - scripts can be started and controlled at remote computers

      Simplicity - operations are not dependent on the class of remote server.

      Completeness - Beyond FTP servers can access the entire remote file system

Beyond FTP represents remote file systems as Servers with drive letters and directory structures.  This is true for both FTP and Beyond FTP servers.  The file viewer presents any file system as a tree hierarchy.  The top of this tree is the Address Book, where information about remote servers is stored.  Navigating the tree opens these servers, their drives, and their directories.  The actual access is restricted by the Beyond FTP user name and password.

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