Script Results Window

Reference:        Script Status Display 

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This window displays the results associated with the last run of a script.  Scripts compiled using Beyond FTP versions 2.7.01 or later are displayed as source code, with appropriate expansion for Define and Include commands.  Source lines are color-coded and the results associated with an individual line are collected beneath that line.  Coloring is only applied to conditional and action commands.  Modifier and global commands, and well as skipped commands, remain unchanged when the script runs.  Actions associated with a script line are displayed by “opening” the line with a double-click.  The columns displayed for each action may be configured by using the select columns dialog to hide or display certain information, and by dragging the dividers to change sizes (see warning below).  The results for an individual action are copied to the output display by double-clicking the action line.  Running scripts are updated in real-time.

Scripts compiled using earlier versions of Beyond FTP employ the legacy display, where actions are associated with servers and servers with flow control statements. 

Warning:  If you decide to change the column sizes, open a single script, modify the columns, and then close that script.  All scripts will then have both the columns you select AND the sizes you have specified.