Script Status Program

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Script Status is a separate program that provides complete status information for your Beyond FTP scripts.  You launch this program by selecting the  button on the Beyond FTP toolbar or the Script Editor Toolbar.  It is also launched automatically when you run or schedule a script.  Script information is displayed in three different windows. 

The Script Workspace window presents four tabs that provide summary status for various categories of scripts: All, Active; Scheduled; and Errors Only.  These lists include only compiled scripts.  The source code for a script is maintained using the Script Editor.  All local scripts are automatically displayed and refreshed with real-time information.  Selected remote scripts may be refreshed manually or automatically depending on your needs.

The Script Results window displays the actual script source code.  Defines and includes are expanded and the results for script actions are color-coded and listed under the appropriate source line.  Each script is displayed in its own tabbed window.  You open a script by either double-clicking a workspace entry or using the Open entry on the context menu.  Local scripts are updated in real-time as the script executes. 

The Output window, initially at the bottom of the main window, presents three tabs.  This is where active transfers, error descriptions, and program output are displayed.