Connecting to Beyond FTP Servers Through a Proxy Server

There are two options for a Beyond FTP server to access other Beyond FTP servers through proxy servers.  If you are trying to access an FTP server, see Connecting to FTP Servers Through a Proxy Server.  

The first option is simply to configure the proxy server to listen at the Beyond FTP service port.  You must allow bi-directional traffic through this port.  The proxy server must also allow access to DNS services if addresses are to be entered in name form.  Remember, should you choose to operate permanent connections through a proxy server, you must also open port 35092.

If your proxy server cannot be configured to use port 35091 and 35092, see Changing the Beyond FTP TCP/IP Port Number.

The second option is to use one of that standard Internet proxy protocols.  To do this:

1.     Launch Beyond FTP if it is not already running.

2.     Select the Tools menu and then Options. 

3.     Select the Beyond FTP Proxy tab.

4.     Select the appropriate proxy type

5.     Select where Internet names will be resolved.

6.     Specify the address of the proxy server.  Also specify the port where the server is listening if it is different from 1080.

7.     Enter the user name and password required to traverse the firewall.

8.     Click OK to save your settings.

9.     Open address book folders as needed to display the server entry you wish to connect through the proxy server.

10.   Right click the server name and select Edit.

11.   Check Use Proxy Server

12.   Click OK.