Connecting to FTP Servers Through a Proxy Server

These steps are required only when you wish to connect to an FTP server through a proxy server.  For connections to Beyond FTP servers, see Connecting to Beyond FTP Servers Through a Proxy Server.

1.     Launch Beyond FTP if it is not already running.

2.     Select the Tools menu and then Options. 

3.     Select the FTP Connection tab.

4.     Select the required type of proxy interaction in the Internet Connection Type field.  You can determine this by connecting through the proxy using the command line ftp client, or asking your network administrator.

5.     Specify the address of the proxy server in the Proxy Server field.  Also specify the port that the server listens at if it is different from 21.

6.     Specify the Proxy User Name and Proxy Password for connection types Internet Proxy Login or Internet Proxy Site.  Internet Proxy Template requires a template for building the appropriate user string.  The template format depends on the requirements of the firewall.

7.     Click OK to save your settings.

8.     Open address book folders as needed to display the server entry you wish to connect through the proxy server.

9.     Right click the server name and select Edit.

10.   Check Use Proxy Server

11.   Click OK.