Run a Script

Reference:        Script Editor Toolbar and Tools Menu    
                        Script Workspace Window
                        Script Status Toolbar and Tools Menu

This button places the selected script in the “ready queue” for immediate execution.  The Script Status Program uses the previously compiled script.  The Script Editor first compiles the script before placing it in the ready queue.  The script will run just one time.  Repeat_Time and Time_Range commands are ignored.  If you want to run the script with these commands having effect, use Schedule a Script.

Recompiling does not affect an active instance of the script.  However, any pending scripts execute the latest compiled version.  Pending scripts (those waiting for processing) are displayed in the Script Status program.  For more information on operating scripts, see Scheduling and Repeating Scripts.

Warning:  This is new behavior.  Be sure to use the Schedule choice when you wish to begin a repeating script.