Firewall and Proxy Support

Reference:        Overview of Beyond FTP

Beyond FTP now supports an array of FTP proxy servers.  There are four standard classes that include proxy servers that require a separate login, those that use the OPEN command, and those that use the SITE command.  In addition, Beyond FTP can access servers that do not fit a standard pattern as long as the necessary information can be provided with a single USER and a single PASSWORD command.  This is the template model that was the sole means of access with prior versions.  This information is configured on the FTP Connection Options tab of the Options selection of the tools menu..

Beyond FTP continues to provide support for the SOCSK4 and SOCKS5 firewall traversal protocols.  These standards provide for user authentication before access to the proxy or firewall is granted.  This support is available only for connections between Beyond FTP servers and clients.  The FTP client implements an entirely different protocol.  The information required to enable this support is captured on the Beyond FTP Proxy Options tab that you reach from the  tools menu.

You engage proxy services for an individual Beyond FTP or FTP address when  editing the address..

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