Command Line Options

Reference:        Overview of Beyond FTP



The primary Beyond FTP GUI program (wft.exe) should no longer be used to import or export address book information from the command line.  These functions are still available in the Address Book pane itself.

The program ABLoader.Exe is provided to automate address book imports and exports.  This program is found on your Beyond FTP path, and operates with the following parameters:

            <Beyond FTP path>\ABLoader.exe [parameters]



Overrides the standard address book name - default is AddrBook.Tbl


Exports address information to the <name> file.


Imports address information from the <name> file.


Overwrites the output file on an export - otherwise it appends


Begins the export with this <name> - typically a directory


Recurse when exporting - exports the entire directory structure


Address book password - if any


The following example exports the entire address book:

            C:\Program Files\Beyond FTP\ABLoader.exe /EC:\Output\AddrBook.Csv /O /R



All command line script processing is now performed by the program DoScript.Exe.  You can execute a script, queue a script for compilation before every run, and load, unload, and restart services.  The command line syntax is:

            <Beyond FTP path>\DoScript.Exe <script name> /CA /CO /D /L /O /R /U /W

where:   <script name> The name of the script file.


Compile Always.  Loads the script so that it is compiled by the system before every execution.


Compile Only.  Compiles the script and exits.


Delete existing scripts.  All waiting instances of this script are deleted before the new one is queued.


Start (Load) the Beyond FTP system services.


One-time run of a repeating script Repeat_Time is ignored


Reload the Beyond FTP system services.


Stop (Unload) the Beyond FTP system services.


Wait for the script to complete and return the scripts final status code.


The parameters may be provided in any order.  A specific instruction to unload the services (/U) will terminate the program before any other actions are performed.

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