Help System Organization

The Beyond FTP Help system uses a number of different windows to allow reference, syntax, and  tutorial information to be easily displayed and cross-referenced.  These windows operate independently, and are augmented with popup windows where appropriate.   

§ Beyond FTP Help - This is the primary window.  You enter this window when you select Help from any of the programs, either through the menus or in a specific context.  All screen shots include links that simulate the operation of the program.  This allows you to investigate the system’s operation and learn the various functions.

§ Command Syntax - This window is used to display command syntax in a form known as BNF.  Each syntax item provides a link back to the primary help information for the command.

§ How Do I… - This window remains on top, and contains step-by-step instructions with links to the main reference topics.  Reference information is displayed in the primary Beyond FTP help window.

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