Scripts and the Scripting Language

Reference:        Overview of Beyond FTP  

The power of Beyond FTP is found in its provisions for automating activities.  This automation is accomplished by using the Scripting Language to create files known as scripts.   Scripts may consist of much more than file transfers.  Beyond FTP can operate other programs, send mail alerts, and start scripts on remote Beyond FTP systems.

Scripts are essentially programs that allow you to tailor the operation of Beyond FTP to your environment and needs.  The script language is powerful and flexible and, like any programming language, requires time to learn and master.  The Script Editor provides complete control over the contents of the scripts, as well as a number of tools that allow you to easily program individual commands.  You start the editor from a number of different places including the toolbar and the Tools menu. 

Scripts are run or scheduled to begin operation, and may be automatically repeated at regular intervals.  The status of pending, active, and completed scripts is maintained and displayed by the Script Status program.  This program displays the raw script with information about each execution step and the results of the actions taken.  See Beyond FTP Home Display for the starting point of all these operations.

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