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Reference:        Overview of Beyond FTP


Beyond FTP consists of a set of system services supported by several user interface programs.  The system services are a collection of independent, cooperating programs that perform the actual processing associated with Beyond FTP transfers and scripts.  They operate independently of the user interface programs. 

The primary application program is referred to as the Beyond FTP User Interface, or simply Beyond FTP.  All services and applications are accessible from this program.  Beyond FTP provides navigation of both local and remote file systems (including standard FTP servers),  access to transfer and file management functions, and a launch point for the various support programs.  This program is the central application of Beyond FTP.

Scripts are created and managed using a pair of programs that can be launched from the Beyond FTP User Interface.  The Beyond FTP Script Editor provides a multiple window platform for creating and managing scripts.  Script programming is supported by command forms and templates.  The Beyond FTP Script Status program provides a multiple window platform for displaying the current status of pending, running, and completed scripts.  The edit and status programs operate independently of each other.

Remote access to local files and directories is controlled by the Beyond FTP Security Administrator.  Beyond FTP adds an additional layer of security to the existing file security mechanism.  This layer is far more flexible than the standard NT security system.  You have control over nine different attributes for each drive and/or directory.

Finally, Beyond FTP system services are selected and managed using the Beyond FTP Console program.  The console is the only Beyond FTP user interface program that does not require the services to be running.  Only the most basic configuration tasks are performed with this program. 

There are also a number of programs that support the administration of mail alerts, the standard FTP server, and retrieval of files from web servers using the HTTP protocol.  All such tools are accessible on the Tools dialog.

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