User Security

Beyond FTP provides a separate security scheme that may be used instead of standard Windows security.  The Beyond FTP approach is flexible and easily configured.  It also eliminates the need to provide remote users with actual rights on the local machine.  The access for a remote user can be strictly limited to just those things Beyond FTP will allow.  All requests that satisfy the Beyond FTP security are then issued and validated based on the Microsoft platform security.  The following are key items to remember:

1.   The Beyond FTP Security Administrator is used to create and administer user accounts.  Each account is associated with rights information that defines access to the various drives and directories of the local computer.  New rights can be easily created and existing rights can be modified.  Each right has a unique color.  These colors are applied to the drive and directory tree to provide immediate, visual feedback of the userís access rights. 

2.   Rights are applied to the directory display using the paint cursor.  This is one of three cursors used to navigate, paint, and/or undo actions on the tree.  When painted, the tree takes on the color of the selected right.  It propagates to all sub-directories.

3.   Changes do not take effect until they are specifically implemented.  You may make as many modifications as you like without affecting the current account information.

4.   The trial version installs with a PUBLIC account that provides complete access to all resources.  The PUBLIC account is used whenever Anonymous Login is checked for a Beyond FTP address.  The production version installs with all resources closed.