Access Rights Palette

Reference:        Security Program         

                        User and Group Display Window

                        Drive and Directory Display Window



The Rights Palette is a separate, configurable window that can be placed anywhere you please.   The palette displays the currently available set of access rights.  There are two permanent entries.  RESET allows you to remove assignments from all or a portion of the tree.  RESET can also be propagated down the tree to clean up records at lower levels.  FTP Root  allows you to specify the starting drive and directory for an individual user when using Beyond FTP’s standard FTP server .  The FTP root folders are displayed in blue rather than yellow.


Entries may be added, customized, and removed using selections on the Rights Menu.  You select a particular right in one of two ways.  You may click the name of the right, which is then displayed on a white background.  Or, you may place the cursor in the Drive and Directory Display Window, hold down the left mouse button, and click the right mouse button to cycle through the rights.  Selecting a right with the right mouse button displays the Rights menu