User and Group Display Window

Reference:        Security Program         

                        Drive and Directory Display Window




This is the left pane of the home window.  It displays a tree structure of the current users and groups.  There are initially two entries: the user Sysadmin; and the group Public.  These entries may not be deleted.  Additional users and groups are added to this view.  The Public group defines the access rights for those users without a password.  This is the default access to your machine and typically the most restrictive.  The Sysadmin user defines the access rights for the system administrator.  This is typically the most permissive.


Users and groups both have passwords and both may be used in the address book.  The difference is that users may be assigned to groups.  In this case, the user inherits the rights of the group.  This allows you to easily manage the rights for a large number of users, each with unique names and passwords.  The display of users within a group is for informational purposes only.  All modifications and selections are performed on the first level name.  Entries with administrative rights are noted by outlining the key icon in red.  Entries that allow encryption keys to be retrieved are noted with an asterisk on the key icon.


You select an entry in this tree with a single left mouse click. The current security information for that entry is then displayed in the Drive and Directory Display Window. A right mouse click presents a context menu for the selected user or group.  Selected users may be Deleted or Modified.