Troubleshooting Beyond FTP Connections

The first step is to determine whether the problem is on your side of the connection or the remote side.  Do this by calling our test server APTServe.  If this connection fails, the problem is on your side.  If this connection succeeds, the problem is on the remote side.  Next, test the address that is giving you trouble as follows:

1.     Display the server entry you wish to test.

2.     Right click the server name and select edit. 

3.     Click the Test Address button.

The test address program will attempt to ping the address.  If this works, there will be reply messages in the window.  If it fails, there are several possibilities.

     If you can connect to APTServe, the remote server address may be incorrect.

     If you can connect to APTServe, the remote site may have a firewall or proxy server that is preventing access.  You must contact the remote site administrator.

     If you cannot connect to APTServe, your local network may have a firewall or proxy server that is preventing access.  You must contact your local network administrator.

If the address test works, the next step depends on the error condition that occurs when you attempt to connect.

      10060 or 10061:

      Beyond FTP is not currently loaded on the remote site.

      The server address is not the address of the machine running Beyond FTP.

      Beyond FTP is listening at a different port.  Be sure that the port you are calling is the one the remote machine has configured for listening .

      12004 or 10031:

      A firewall is forwarding ping requests, but not Beyond FTP calls.  Contact your firewall administrator.  In the case of a firewall, he must allow bi-directional TCP/IP traffic on the port you are using.

      20100 to 20110:

      There is an encryption services issue with keys and settings.  Turn off encryption on both sides.  The connection should now work.

If you are now able to connect, but you cannot display drive letters or folders, you must examine system security.  Verify the User and Password information and/or contact the administrator for the remote Beyond FTP system.