Performing a Scripted Transfer

The real power of Beyond FTP is found in its scripting language which allows you to automate and control a variety of tasks.

This example creates a new script that transfers a single file.  It illustrates the script template capability.

1.     Launch the Script Editor and create a new script.

2.     The leftmost window displays the Scripts Workspace.  At the bottom of this window are several tabs.  Select the second tab with the label T.  This is the Template Workspace Window.

3.     Find the template TransferFiles.  Double click this name.  Click Yes to continue.

4.     The From/To command form is displayed.  Select the first Browse button.

5.     The source file browser is engaged.  Use the drop down list labeled Look In to select the server APTSERVE.

6.     Double-click C: [pub-c], followed by InetPub, ftproot, Downloads, and Evaluation Guide.ZIP.  Click OK.

7.     If you do not have Internet connectivity, or you are behind a firewall, choose a server that can be reached.  Otherwise, select This Computer at the top of the list and choose a local file.

8.     Select the second Browse button.  The destination file browser is engaged.  Be sure Look In is set to This Computer. 

9.     Select a destination directory for the file.  You can leave the *.* in the name, as the command form will replace it with the file name Evaluation Guide.ZIP.  Click OK.

10.   The command form should now contain a source and a destination file.  Click OK.

11.   The script now contains a From/To command.  Check script syntax by pressing the compile  button.

12.   Run this script by clicking the run  toolbar button, by pressing F11, or by selecting the Tools menu and Run Script.

13.   The Script Status Program will automatically open and display the running script.