Drag and Drop File Transfers

Reference:        File Viewer Window

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                        File Viewer File List 

The drag and drop facility is consistent with standard Windows practice.  You select a file or group of files using the left mouse button in combination with the Ctrl and Shift keys (Ctrl provides for selecting multiple single files while Shift selects a range of files).  You then “grab” a selected file by pointing at it with the mouse, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the selection to the destination.  Releasing the mouse button drops the selection. Single selections may be dragged as soon as they are chosen.  Directories may also be dragged, with or without sub-directories depending on the setting of Transfer Options.  Directory dragging may or may not result in a sub-directory being created, depending on the setting of the Explorer Directory Drag field.

The result of this action is to create a file transfer request to the Beyond FTP services.  These requests are either sent immediately to the pending queue for processing, or they are displayed in the Modify Transfer List Properties dialog for further editing before being processed.  This depends, again, on how you have configured the Transfer Options.  You reverse this decision by holding down the Ctrl key when dragging a selection.  If the Modify Transfer List Properties dialog is normally displayed, it is skipped.  If transfers normally go directly to processing, the modify dialog will be displayed.

The following restrictions apply to drag and drop operations:

1.   Files may be dragged between two remote servers ONLY if both are Beyond FTP servers, and each has Address Book entries for the other.  In this case, the transfer will take place between the two remote servers, with your local copy of Beyond FTP simply monitoring the results.  FTP servers may not be involved in these transfers.

2.   Local transfers are permitted only at your local machine (THIS COMPUTER).  You may not drag a remote file and drop it at the same remote Beyond FTP server.