Creating and Running a Remote Script

Step 1 is performed at the remote machine.  All other steps are performed at the local computer that is administering the remote machine.

1.     Configure the remote machine so that you can administrator Beyond FTP from another computer.

2.     Create a local Address entry that connects to the remote computer and has the administrator account and password required for remote administration.

3.     Create and/or edit a local script that will run remotely.  If possible, test your script locally as well.  If you do not run the script locally, you must compile it by pressing the  button.

4.     Transfer the script run files to the remote computer.  This can be done by creating a script or dragging the required files from the local Beyond FTP directory to the remote Beyond FTP directory.  These files consist of one or more of the following:

      The compiled script file titled after the script - <script name>.DCF.

      Any mail alert configuration files (suffix .MPF) used in the script.

5.     Add any address book entries referenced by Server_List commands to the remote address book. 

6.     For scripts that employ the Recompile command, you must also transfer the following information from the local machine to the remote machine. :

      The script source file from the Scripts sub-directory  - <script name>.ISF.

      Any script files referenced by Include commands from the Scripts sub-directory.

      Any address book entries referenced directly by the script (as opposed to indirect Server_List references).

7.     Start and manage the scripts as required.