Displaying Remote Script Results

See also Creating_and_Running_a_Remote_Script.

1.     Launch the Script Status program.

2.     Select the All Scripts workspace tab.  If the workspace is not visible, select VIEW/TOOLBARS and click Workspace.

3.     Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see whether the server is present in the list.  If it is, double-click the server and see whether the script you want is listed.  If it is, right click and select Refresh Remote Scripts.  Double click the script to see the refreshed status.

4.     If the server or script is not present, right click anywhere in the workspace window and choose Add Remote Scripts.  This will display the Add Remote Script Results dialog.

5.     Select the server you wish to search for script files.  This will populate the Available Scripts list box.

6.     Select the scripts you wish to retrieve from the available list.

7.     Click the Add -> button to place them in the selected list.

8.     Click OK to load the current script status information from the remote server.

9.     The script names will now appear under the server in the workspace. 

10.   Double-click the name(s) to display the status information in the script results window.