Performing a Drag and Drop Transfer

Drag and Drop operations are supported by the Address Book Window and the File Viewer Window.  You may transfer individual files or entire directories.  The basic steps are:

1.     Launch Beyond FTP or press  if it is running.

2.     Navigate the Address Book, displaying drives, directories, and files until you can see the directories or files you wish to transfer.  Do the same thing to find the destination.

3.     Select the source files or directories.  Use the left mouse button in conjunction with the CTRL key to select multiple individual files, or the SHIFT key to select a range of files.  Choose any selected object and press the left mouse button.

4.     While holding down the mouse button, move the cursor to the destination directory and release the button.

5.     The transfers will either be started immediately, or the Modify Transfer List Properties window will be displayed, depending on the Transfer Options settings.  In the latter case, you must press OK to initiate the transfers.

6.     The Transfer Status Window will activate and display the progress and status of the transfers.