Enabling Remote Administration

Remote administration requires an Administrator level user account and access to the Beyond FTP installation directory.

1.     Launch Beyond FTP Security at the remote computer.

2.     Log in using your administrator account.

3.     Select the account in the left pane of the main window that you will use for remote administration.

4.     Click the Modify  button on the tool bar.  Set the Security Configuration Access to Administrator and click OK.

5.     Drill down to the Beyond FTP installation directory in the right pane.

6.     If the Beyond FTP directory is already green (ALL access) skip to step 10.

7.     Single click on the green button labeled ALL on the Rights Palette.

8.     Click the View menu and select Rights Cursor.

9.     Click on the Beyond FTP installation directory.  It should change to green.

10.   Click the implement  button or select the File menu and Implement Security Changes.