Connecting to a Beyond FTP Server

Connection information for all types of servers is maintained in the Address Book.  The Beyond FTP server entry connects to our test server named APTServe.  The tutorial entry Testing Your Installation guides you through the steps of connecting to this server.  This will work if you have direct access to the Internet.  If you must first dial an ISP, then do this before performing the test.  If your access is protected by a firewall or proxy server, read the next paragraph.  Otherwise you may skip to Adding a Beyond FTP Server below.

Firewalls and Proxy Servers

There are basically two ways to traverse a firewall to contact a remote Beyond FTP server.  Either you must allow traffic on the Beyond FTP service port, or you must employ a proxy server that supports either the SOCKS 4 or SOCKS 5 connection protocol.  The first approach requires no additional configuration in Beyond FTP.  The second approach involves configuring the Firewall tab of the Beyond FTP Options dialog.  In either case, the correct configuration is achieved when double clicking the APTServe entry results in a Connected status.  Only the SOCKS 5 protocol requires a user name or password.  This information should be available from your system administrator.

Adding a Beyond FTP Server

Connecting to a Beyond FTP server is much easier than connecting to an FTP server.  There is no need for advanced settings or server types.  The only requirement is that the target machine must be addressable either by name or by number.  This typically means that the TCP/IP network settings include a fixed IP address.  It may also be possible in certain local configurations to use the machine name.  You must have this address available.  Beyond FTP can then retrieve the server name for you. 

First, you must create a second Beyond FTP installation and one of the two must be a server.  Two Beyond FTP Clients may not connect.  This second installation MUST use a different trial profile from the first.  Second, you must be sure that Beyond FTP security is properly configured.  The trial version installs with full access by default.  The production version installs with no access by default.  You may have to relax the security on the target machine.  Finally, you simply follow the tutorial steps to create the address book entry.  Skip those steps that apply only to FTP servers.  Be sure to check Use Proxy Server as required.