Adding a New FTP Server

Server address information is maintained in the Address Book.  Add a new FTP server entry as follows:

1.     If the dialog Edit Address Book Entry is already displayed, skip to step 6.

2.     Return to the Home display by pressing the  button on the toolbar.

3.     Right click the folder where the new address will be stored OR right click World to add the address to the root.

4.     Select New Address Book Entry and press Enter when the edit box appears.

5.     Select Standard FTP Server as the Server Type.

6.     Replace ftp:New Server with the name you wish to assign to this entry.  Beyond FTP will automatically add the qualifier ftp:.

7.     Enter the Server Address for the server and click Test Address to see whether a ping message can reach the server (such messages may be blocked by intervening firewalls).

8.     Enter the default directory, if any, for this server.  Beyond FTP retrieves the directory associated with for your user account.  You may augment or override this value as required.

9.     Enter any user and password information.  You may leave these blank for an anonymous login.

10.   Press OK.  Both windows will be updated with the new server name.  You may reorganize the folders and servers in your address book by dragging the entries around.