Beyond FTP Encryption Services

Beyond FTP employs a private key encryption scheme that can be used to secure connections between two Beyond FTP installations, or to secure files that are transferred to any standard FTP server.  Three different algorithms are employed:

1.   56-bit DES.  This algorithm is available in both domestic and international versions.  It was once the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) encryption standard.

2.   128, 192, 256-bit TwoFish.  This algorithm was submitted as part of the NIST competition for choosing a successor to DES.

3.   128, 192, 256-bit Rijndael (AES).  This algorithm was selected as the new Advance Encryption Standard by the NIST.

The TwoFish and Rijndael algorithms are currently available only in North America and to overseas subsidiaries of North American corporations.  All three algorithms depend on the same basic key storage mechanism.

The first step in using encryption services is choosing key phrases.  You can use a single key for all encryption, or you can use a different key for each Beyond FTP and/or FTP server.  If you choose to use a single key, then you need only set the key for This Computer.  If you are using different keys for each machine, you must set the keys at each machine as described in the tutorial link above.

Select the following link for information on encrypting the connection between Beyond FTP installations.  Select this link for information on encrypting files sent to a standard FTP server.  In both cases you make the Beyond FTP Private Key selection from either the Tools menu or the context sensitive address book menu.