Setting Up Encryption Services

The Beyond FTP encryption service supports several algorithms, including the Advanced Encryption Standard as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  Encryption can be applied to all traffic on connections between Beyond FTP installations, and to files that are transferred to or from FTP servers.  The international version supports 56-bit DES.  The domestic version supports the more advanced 128 and 256-bit algorithms.  This version must be requested directly from APT.

1.     Return to the Home display by pressing the   button on the toolbar.

2.     Right click This Computer and select Beyond FTP Private Key.  This opens the Generate Encryption Keys dialog.

3.     Select the menu item Key Management and then Add.  This opens the Add Encryption Key dialog.

4.     Select the required Encryption Strength (only 56 bits is available for international versions).

5.     Enter the phrase to be associated with your computer.  The Phrase Strength field will turn green when your phrase is long enough to ensure a strong key.

6.     Click Generate. 

7.     Click Store.

8.     If the primary key already exists, choose whether to create a backup secondary key.  This allows access to machines that have the current key, as well as machines with the new key.

9.     If all servers will use the same key, you may stop here.  Repeat this on each Beyond FTP server or client that will be using encrypted connections.

10.   If servers and clients will use different keys, select the name of a remote Beyond FTP installation.  This name must appear in your address book.

11.   Enter the Key Phrase associated with this server, then generate and store the resulting key.

12.   Repeat steps 8 and 9 for each remote installation.

13.   Click Done.  The new keys and values are displayed.