Transfer Status Window

Reference:        Beyond FTP Toolbar    

                        Drag and Drop

ProgressRateTargetTotal SizeTimer RemainingRestartPrint ActiveErrorActive TargetTransferredChange SpeedSourceDeletePrint PendingTimeDateActive SourceCancel ActiveStatus

The Transfer Status window displays information about ad hoc file transfers.  These are transfers that occur outside of scripts.  The Beyond FTP Home Display opens and minimizes one of these windows.  It is automatically maximized when you submit transfers using the Drag and Drop facility.  You may open a new Transfer Status window by selecting the  button on the Primary Toolbar.

Each window consists of two panes:  The Active Transfer status and the Pending and Completed Transfer status. The information in these panes is periodically refreshed.  You can control the display and refresh rate by changing the Transfer Status Options

Each pane now provides a context sensitive menu that appears when you select an entry using the right mouse button.  These menus give you control over the active transfers and the various queue entries. Active transfers may be printed or canceled, and the transfer speed may be changed.  Pending and completed transfers may be deleted or restarted.  Each menu also contains an entry for clearing all selections.  You may select one or more transfers for an action by using the left mouse button and a combination of the Ctrl and Shift keys.  Finally, double clicking a completed entry presents the Comprehensive Results Display which includes detailed error information.