Transferring ASCII Files in FTP

Beyond FTP defaults to binary FTP transfers.  There are two ways to change this so that files may be transferred as ASCII.  The first is to insert the Ascii command into the script.  The second is to declare an ASCII file type.  Any transfer involving a file with a declared ASCII suffix will be transferred as ASCII.

1.     Launch Beyond FTP if it is not already running.

2.     Select the Tools menu and then Options.

3.     Select the FTP File Types tab.

4.     Enter the New File Extension that will be treated as an ASCII file type.  The transfer is treated as ASCII if either the source or destination file has one of the listed extensions.

5.     Click OK.

6.     Open address book folders as needed to display the server entry for which you will allow Automatic ASCII translation.

7.     Right click the server name and select edit. 

8.     Click the Advanced... button.

9.     Check Automatically convert defined file types to ASCII.

10.   Click OK.