Creating an Alias Address to a Beyond FTP Server

An alias address allows access to a Beyond FTP server through an existing address, but with different user credentials.  You must first have an address book entry for the server you wish to reach.  You then create an alias as follows:

1.     Launch Beyond FTP or press  if it is running.

2.     Right click the folder where the new alias address will be stored OR right click World to add the address to the root.

3.     Select New Address Book Entry and press Enter when the edit box appears.

4.     Replace New Server with the name you wish to assign to this entry.  The name consists of a unique identifier followed by an @ symbol and the name of the base address book entry for the remote server.  The base entry MUST exist in the address book.

5.     Enter something in the server address field.  This can be anything, since the server address stored as part of the base entry will actually be used to make the call.

6.     Enter the credentials for this connection.  These can be (and typically will be) completely different from the credentials of the base address.

7.     Press OK.  Both windows will be updated with the new server name.  You may reorganize the folders and servers in your address book by dragging the entries around.