Platform Specifics

Beyond FTP operates much the same on all Windows server and workstation platforms.  The minimum version for either platform is Windows 2000.  Beyond FTP has been qualified on Windows Vista.  The foreground programs vary only as they use the common dialogues, which are platform specific.  The background services provide the same capabilities, but are affected by the security arrangements of the platforms. 

Beyond FTP services operate as a standard Windows NT service.  This means they can operate under a unique user account, and can be installed at system startup, without a desktop user logging on to the system.  There are several implications:

1.   The services are loaded any time the machine is started.  There is no need to automatically log the machine into a user account so that Beyond FTP can start and operate.  This improves security and reliability.

2.   The drives and directories displayed in the Beyond FTP and Security programs are limited to those accessible to the service account used to start Beyond FTP.  This is initially the Local System Account.  These may be very different from the resources accessible to the desktop user via Windows Explorer.

3.   Any Dial-Up Networking resources required by Beyond FTP must be configured under the account used to start the services or specifically configured for all users on the machine.  You cannot configure a Dial-Up entry under one desktop account and have Beyond FTP use it under a different service account.