Displaying Network Drives under THIS COMPUTER

Beyond FTP operates as a system service on all Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems.  This means that the security environment for the Beyond FTP service is separate from the desktop.  Beyond FTP shows only local drives when first installed.  You may map network drives as follows:

1.     Launch Beyond FTP or press  if it is running.

2.      Select the Tools menu and then Map Network Drive.

3.      Select a drive letter that is unique to Beyond FTP (see Beyond FTP Drive Mapping.)

4.      Enter a share name or double click the entries in the Share Browser window.  Typically you must select a network provider, a domain, a server, and then a share name.  When you finally double-click a share name, it is entered into the Share Name field.

5.      If a mapping already exists to that specified server, the User Account and Password fields will remain disabled.  Otherwise, the account information is required.  Beyond FTP attempts to retrieve available accounts from the remote machine.

6.      Click Connect or OK to map the drive.  The Address Book display is automatically refreshed when you leave this dialog.

Note  User Account names may require a domain name prefix.  Beyond FTP attempts to assist you in this.  , Be sure to use an account that is valid on the remote server.