Allowing Remote Users to Run Scripts

Remote users can be given limited access to a subset of the scripts that are available at a Beyond FTP server.

1.     Right click the system tray  icon and select Beyond FTP Console.

2.     Configure Beyond FTP by choosing the  button on the toolbar.

3.     Check Allow remote scheduling of scripts and click OK  to save the information.  This change takes effect immediately.

4.     Add a Beyond FTP user account that provides a minimum of READ access to a directory.  If this is the Beyond FTP directory, the user will be able to schedule any compiled script.  If this is the Beyond FTP scripts sub-directory, the user will be able to schedule any source script.

5.     For directories other than the Beyond FTP system directories, copy the .DCF  and/or .ISF files that the user can run.  These versions are NOT actually executed.  They simply provide a list of scripts that the user is permitted to execute.