The Scripting Language

The scripting language is composed of keywords that allow you to program the operation of Beyond FTP.  These are grouped into several categories:

1.   Global Commands.  These commands apply to the operation of the entire script.  They control repetition, restarting, transfer limits, and several other aspects of the script.

2.   File and Transfer Commands.  These commands perform the file actions associated with the script.  They also include the modifiers that provide control over these actions.  File actions can include wildcard characters.

3.   Program Execution Commands.  These commands execute programs.  They include the specialized ALERT command for sending mail and pager messages, as well as the RUN command for any third party software.

4.   Flow Control Commands.  These commands are used to make decisions about which script statements will be processed or repeated.  There is a single looping command (While) and a single decision command (If).  These are supported by a number of commands that allow you stop the script, break out of a loop, and wait for actions to complete.

5.   Error Handling Commands.  These commands control the handling of individual errors and whether actions are to be retried.

The reference material discusses each command in detail.  The following topics address several key aspects of scripting that will allow you to create basic scripts.  There are also example scripts on our web site ( and included in the trial installation.  These examples include comments that explain the reasons for the commands.  Finally, our support staff is always ready to help with scripting questions.