Step 2 - Checking for a File

Next we will check for the presence of a file.  This process assumes that the transferred files are deleted.  For this reason you must use a directory that allows you to rename and delete files.  The APTServer and ftp:APTServe addresses do not allow this behavior.  If you have not yet created an address book entry, do so now.  Otherwise, use a local directory on This Computer.

1.     The leftmost window displays the Scripts Workspace.  At the bottom of this window are several tabs.  Select the second tab with the label T.  This is the Template Workspace Window.

2.     Find the template FilePresent.  Double click the template name.  Click Yes to continue.

3.     The Beyond FTP browser is displayed.  Choose your server or This Computer in the Look in window.

4.     Double-click the entries displayed until you locate the directory you wish to check.  This should be an empty test directory since any files will be processed and moved.  Click OK.

5.     The capture of Minutes to Wait is displayed.  Enter 0.  Click OK.

6.     The completed template is entered into the script