Sliding Toolbars in Beyond FTP

The Beyond FTP user interface now includes a number of toolbars that can be hidden and summoned as needed.  The Beyond FTP Service Status toolbar is one such example.  Each toolbar includes a “pushpin” icon in the upper right hand corner.  Clicking the pushpin either makes the toolbar part of the primary window display, or allows it to be hidden until summoned. 

Hidden toolbars are summoned by holding the mouse over the toolbar tab, or clicking the toolbar tab.  Holding the cursor over the toolbar tab will cause the toolbar to slide out over the primary window.  It will remain in this position only as long as the mouse hovers over the toolbar itself.  A mouse click on the toolbar tab causes the toolbar to slide out and remain until a mouse click on another window removes the focus from the toolbar.  This is the easiest way to actually use a hidden toolbar.

A toolbar can be reposition as follows:

1.   Pin the toolbar into place by clicking the pushpin until it is pointing down.

2.   Grab the title bar by holding down the left cursor button on the mouse.  Move the cursor

3.   Move the cursor.  The toolbar will now be attached to the cursor and an overlay of available positions will be displayed in the application window.  Each position is indicated by an arrow.

4.   Continue to hold the left mouse button and move it to the various positioning arrows.  A highlight will show where the toolbar will reside if the mouse button is released.

5.   Release the mouse button when you have selected the desired position.

6.   Unpin the toolbar and it will slide off the window into its new position.

You may reconfigure the space occupied by a pinned toolbar by dragging window borders.  This is the size that the toolbar remembers for both its hidden and pinned display.

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