Creating an Encrypted Connection

An encrypted connection instructs Beyond FTP to use one of the available encryption algorithms for all communications between two Beyond FTP installations.  These connections are specified as follows:

1.     Set up the Beyond FTP Encryption Service on both Beyond FTP servers.

2.     Either create a new address book entry or edit an existing entry corresponding to the server that will be called.

3.     Choose the appropriate encryption algorithm in the Encryption field.  Both sides of a connection must use the same algorithm.  If the selection includes only DES, you are using the international version of Beyond FTP.  You must request the domestic version directly from APT to use either the AES or TwoFish algorithms.

4.     Click OK to save the information.

5.     If your installation is a Key Client and this is a new entry, the system will attempt to retrieve the encryption keys from the Key Server.  You may stop now.  If you are controlling your keys locally, or your installation is a Key Server, go to step 6.

6.     If each server has a unique key and you have not yet assigned this key, right click the name of the remote server in the address book and select Beyond FTP Private Key

7.     Select the strength and enter the Key Phrase associated with this server, then generate and store the resulting key.

8.     Click Done and exit the key generator.