Creating a Dial-Up Connection

A dial-up connection instructs Beyond FTP to use Dial-up Networking to make and manage a connection.  These connections are specified as follows:

1.     Create an appropriate dial-up networking entry.  Test to be sure this link works.  Be sure to store the password.  Beyond FTP cannot supply the password before making the connection.

2.     Either create a new address book entry or edit an existing entry corresponding to the server that will be called.

3.     Check Dial-up in the Server Connection Information section.

4.     Click on the Dial-up Properties ... button.

5.     Click on the New (Insert) button.  This will open an edit box in the Dial-up Connection List field.

6.     Type the name of a Dial-up networking entry or click the ellipsis ( ... ) at the end of the line to see the list of usable connections on the machine.

7.     Select one or more entries and click OK.

8.     Enter appropriate phone numbers and security information for the dial-up server.

9.     Click OK.

10.   Launch the Console program by clicking the  button on the toolbar.

11.   Configure Beyond FTP by choosing the  button on the Console toolbar.

12.   Be sure that Enable dial-up networking support is checked.

13.   Click OK to save the information.