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"We found ourselves looking for a new file transfer solution that would be stable, versatile, scalable, and secure. We tried several products that demonstrated some of these qualities and had been using one that had none of them. Beyond FTP was able to handle multiple customers hitting our server every minute, seven days a week. We currently have approximately 90 clients coming in once a minute and the product acts the same as it did at one client. It is rock solid and very secure. Using our previous solution, one tenth of the volume would have caused a crash. Just as important as the qualities listed above would be excellent support. The support we have received from the APT staff has been the best I've encountered. I highly recommend this product to anyone evaluating file transfer solutions."

Dan Draper
CU Direct Corporation

Why do Professionals use Professional Tools?

Professionals use heavy-duty professional tools because to use anything less would cost them far more in time and money than the cost of the tool itself.

Most corporate professionals are not willing to trust their important sensitive data to freeware, shareware, or cheap utilities.  More importantly, they want to be supported by a company that not only answers their questions promptly, but will also help them utilize the product to its fullest extent.  Automated Programming Technologies, Inc. is here to support the corporate professional in every way - from installation to helping develop individual transfer scripts. We pride ourselves on our technical support. We believe that it sets us apart from most other software companies.

Professionals expect that the product they use will be robust, feature rich, and reliable enough to run in corporate "mission critical" sites. 

If these are the types of features and benefits you are looking for, then Beyond FTP is the professional product for you.
  Beyond FTP Server  
The Beyond FTP Server is the tool professionals use when they want to transfer their files quickly, reliably and securely.
  • Secure transfer using industry standard encryption, TLS, or SSL.  Uses Key Server technology.
  • Supports restartable transfers and scripts.  Runs as a windows service.
  • Unlimited concurrent scripts, concurrent connections and concurrent transfers.
  • Centralize and push or pull your transfers to or from Beyond FTP Clients using built-in peer-to-peer technology.
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  Beyond FTP Client 
The Beyond FTP Client is easy to install and use, with its state of the art "explorer-like" drag and drop interface, file transfers are only a few mouse clicks away.
  • Secure transfer to any FTP Server using industry standard encryption, TLS, or SSL.
  • Built in features include scheduling, two layered levels of user security, real time monitoring, email alerts, and remote administration.
  • A powerful scripting language in conjunction with a smart script editor and over 100 templates allows you to effortlessly automate your transfers and business processes.

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  Beyond Encryption 
Beyond Encryption allows you to create a file, called an archive, that contains one or more encrypted and compressed  files.  An archive that has been encrypted can only be accessed with the key or pass phrase that was used to create it.  Archives may be  confidently sent via email or Beyond FTP to others.  The recipient of the archive must have a corresponding key or pass phrase in order to successfully decrypt the archive. 

Beyond Encryption also allows the creation of auto-extracting archives that will extract the files in an archive to pre-determined locations.
  • Simple Drag and Drop Interface
  • Industry Standard Encryption Algorithms
    (56, 128, 192 or 256 bit)
  • Compression Packaged Portability (Archives)
  • Automatic key based encryption or manual "Pass Phrase"
  • Create Auto-Extracting Archives
  • Can transparently interface to Beyond FTP

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